Stacey Shure: Orange Cape Hides Me

Have you been harassed by an anonymous internet bully by the name of Facebook: Oran Cape Hideme, eBay ID: orange_cape_hides_me?  As you read, be sure to click the links along the way.  There’s a lot of information here.

For the purpose of breaking the veil and offering her victims a name behind the madness, the information below this line is all public information.  I have yet to verify a photograph I have of her. I want to be as factual as possible so until I can verify with 100% certainty it’s her, I will be parking it in a safe place.

Stacey Shure – Age: 53
6532 W 6Th St
Los Angeles, 90048, California

Known aliases:
Stacey M Shure
Stacey M Shure
Stacy M Shure
Stacy K Shure
Stacy M Silverman

Known addresses:
Los Angeles, CA
Palm Desert, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Van Nuys, CA
West Hollywood, CA

It is my understanding that Stacey Shure is known for such antics as participating in text communications that are designed to be extremely hurtful towards certain individuals.  She may been seen posting personally identifying information such as credit card numbers, driver license numbers and photo’s of other ebayers on the community message boards.  I personally have not witnessed the posting of private information but I have witnessed the passive-aggressive participation in hurting many people, including my own self.   It is important however, that you are aware,  much of the information she may have posted is actually public record, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.  There is no possible way to verify that any driver license number or credit card information that has been posted is actually legitimate in my opinion, only because I was not present to witness the actual events.

Many may view her as a vigilante due to her proactive stance on the sale of counterfeit and fake merchandise, however, for all of the good she has done, the bad cancels it out in many of her victims opinions.  She has made many mistakes and has hurt a lot of innocent people in the process.  Frequently she is known to straight up bully innocent people for reasons only she can provide:  eBay’s Dirty little Secret

What else do we know about Stacey Shure?  We know that she loves to know the rules.  She can recite for you every obscure rule, loophole and little known fact from the Terms of Use policies of most e-commerce websites across the internet that most people have never been aware of, which is why she is so effective in her cut throat activities.

If you are listing your items for sale on eBay, here are a few examples you need to know to protect yourself from unscrupulous take downs of your listings:

1)  Did you know other than eBay’s own watermark, you are not allowed to add arrows, circles, lines or text to emphasize a flaw in your garment on your eBay photo’s?  Many people do it and many people have their auctions pulled for it.

2)  Always check your final listings if you use a bulk listing app.  If you have an error in your template from using a bulk lister or from one of any of a number of known eBay glitches, this leaves you open to take down for keyword spam, misrepresentation or any other miscellaneous reason.

3)  Auctions have even been pulled for having the words “sweater” and “dress” in the same title on a product that is correctly defined as a sweater dress.  I believe eBay has gotten better with this over the years and it does not occur as frequently as it once did.

4)  If you upload a vintage, outdated or current runway photo or advertisement to your auction for the purpose of describing what you are offering for sale, the item can be reported by a malicious competitor or trouble maker for copyrights violation.

It’s been said that Stacey Shure has an inside connection to a person or people at ebay.  To my knowledge no one has ever verified this to be true.  It’s not that she has pull or knows anyone within eBay, it’s that she knows how to locate information from the TOS that the average user is unaware of, or has not taken the time to locate, or how to use the information.    She’s also well versed in ways of contacting the correct department, not because she has  an inside contact but because anyone with an internet connection can.  This can be easily done by any average Joe via social media,  usually Facebook or Twitter.  Having knowledge gives the appearance of having insider contacts, however,  Stacey Shure does NOT, under any uncertain terms, have pull or access to eBay privileges above and beyond any other average eBay user.

There have been rumors that Stacey Shure claims she is an attorney.  I have not witnessed any such comments personally, however, for clarification, she is definitely not an attorney.  She’s actually unlicensed, unemployed and has a lot of time on her hands.   It may have something to do with having her right to practice business in the state of California suspended.  That’s right, she’s Suspended from doing business in the state of California.  Not inactive or expired but suspended.   There’s a difference.  The inactive/expired is by choice, being suspended is not by choice.  I do believe being found guilty of breaking California law may have something to do with it.

It has been suggested to me that she has found a loophole and is using a false address in the state of Washington to conduct business on eBay and around the internet.  I can not verify this and am willing to review any information anymore may have.

“The business entity’s powers, rights and privileges, which include the right to use the entity’s name in California, were suspended or forfeited in California as described below:

  •  FTB Suspended or FTB Forfeited:  The business entity was suspended or forfeited by the Franchise Tax Board for failure to meet tax requirements (e.g., failure to file a return, pay taxes, penalties, interest).
  • SOS/FTB Suspended or SOS/FTB Forfeited:  The business entity was suspended or forfeited by both the Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board as stated above”.

To review the collections and catalogs of his breeches  Click here.

The one that stands out for me most is this one:  Stacey Shure was sued for breach of guarantees among a list of other charges.   After reading through different proceedings it is evident that she was able to negotiate her way around many legitimate claims by taking advantage of court room technicalities, the use of plea bargains and restitution agreements.   The question is, is it safe to assume she is not able to meet the obligations?

How is she so competent with research you ask? One such reason may be that she is the “wife” of Stanley Shure, who is an attorney.  It may be a result of learning to do some of his research work.

Husband/wife: Stanley Shure Hoffman  (Age 61)

Bar Number: 116230
Address: Law Offices of Stanley H Shure
2355 Westwood Blvd #374
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Map it
Phone Number: (310) 984-6945
Fax Number: (310) 984-6945
County: Los Angeles
Undergraduate School: Occidental Coll; Los Angeles CA
District: District 2
Sections: None Law School: Loyola Law School; Los Angeles CA

Here’s some menial information.  Nothing very telling here unless you are after something specific:  Stacey Shure

Linked in Profile

In the event that she decides to delete it, I’ve taken the liberty of copy and pasting it for you:

Q: What kind of HOMEGROWN are you?
A: Dirt Under My Fingernails City Slicker

Q: Fill in the blank :
A: cross between earth mama and city slicker – have grown veggies all my life.

Q: A bit about me:
A: I write. Not enough. lol
I don’t have more than a few hours a week to devote to my garden.
Cooking is my passion.

Q: Latest greatest meal cooked at home:
A: roasted pork shoulder stuffed ancho chiles with oxachan cheese and a chipotle cream sauce.

Q: Currently reading:
A: Macarons by Hermes.

Q: Currently listening to:
A: nothing

Q: My latest DIY project:
A: building raised beds, pea trellises and trellises/supports for my blackberries; learning to can jams and fruit.


To her many victims, I offer my sincerest wishes of strength and positive energies from this day forward.  I know you may be feeling devastated by some of the things she’s done to you and it may be difficult to move forward as she obsesses over you and plans her next moves but please be strong and know you are not alone.  This post is here for you.

She likes to throw the word, “karma” around.    Well, here’s to karma.  Yes Stacey, here IS to Karma, you scum sucking, bottom dwelling, TROLL.

It is my understanding Facebook is now enforcing a “Real ID” policy.  If the Oran Cape Hideme troll account is still effect as of today, rest assured, it won’t be tomorrow.

P.S.  I’ve noticed she’s become very quiet since the publishing of this page.  That is the goal, however, we all also know she has several I.D.’s, is known to post to herself with them and post about herself (how smart she is of course) with others.


What is ebays relationship to China?

If someone could please explain to me eBays love affair with china, I would appreciate it.  I need to know why I won’t be able to eat this week and can’t afford to buy the things most people take for granted like Shampoo.

Today I searched for the keyword, “dress” in the SOLD (not to be confused with completed) auctions section. After browsing 14 pages of 194 results per page, I did not see any sold dresses from sellers whose origin is China. Ebay customer service has explained to me on several occasions that the best match algorithm is designed to feature highly sought after items and since Chinese manufacturers offer the lowest prices and free shipping on the back of the USPS and American tax payers, their items appear as top priority.

This leaves me to wonder, with my limited knowledge of current events, is the United States government paying Chinese debt on the backs of unemployed, under employed, the needingly self employed Americans which are also the same home based micro eBay businesses we are involved with?

I have a hard time accepting this. Of the many reasons, one of my biggest reason is my loss of dental care. When I was in high school a dentist gave me a silver filling. Under the new filling, 20 some odd years after, it was discovered that the dentist did not remove the entire cavity before covering it with the silver filling. It was discovered when one morning I awoke to a jaw I wanted to rip off my face because the pain was so intense that I was ready to maul myself to end it.   It was impossible for me to know anything was present before my need to rip my jaw off my face because I had always taken great care of myself, had dental insurance and even though I had annual visits to the dentist, the decay was covered by a filling and went undetected for years.   What I suffered from is called, “trench mouth”. You can’t ever get rid of it.  Ever.  You have to continue antibiotic therapy and dental care on a monthly basis, which I did for years and successfully evaded any further issue, that is until I lost my health and dental insurance in the bottom of May 2009and I have not received dental care since.   I now have 4+ and 5+ gum recede as well as full on dental caries.   I am in my 40s and am losing all of my teeth because I can not afford dental care.

I am an ebay seller in the ranges of 111 and 121 and stand very little chance at earning enough to eat let alone visit a dentist. Chinese manufacturers who have full time visibility 24/7 at a range of 300 are grossing 89.9 billion dollars per year, and here I am, an American born citizen…..  le sigh

I believe that money is going to the Chinese government and not any Chinese home based micro seller who depends on every possible resource to get by like the American sellers who are not just fighting a case of just dental blues but we’re fighting for our lives and our very survival.

Many of us are college educated with 1, 2 and even 3 degree’s but because of reasons we did not deserve and was out of our control, we were out of  work too long.  We became a part of the permanently unemployed population and instead of going on welfare we decided to FIGHT.

Being a part of the permanently unemployed population makes one realize their true place in this world. It makes you realize how low priority and nonessential your life really is, just like our auctions.

I wish I had family (I am a sole survivor) to fall back on in times like this. It’s rather unfortunate.

Why is this seller [screen shot below] and the thousands of sellers from China just like this one [screen shot below] owning so much more priority over Americans?  Why does eBay, Google, Amazon and Yahoo think they are so much more important than we are?  It’s not even sell through and money talking right here. $2 dresses x 555 sales = $1110.00 for the month.

I sold 20 items this month for a total of $900.00 – not enough to get the bills paid but enough of a carrot to dangle before my hopes are dashed completely.  Good luck getting the bills paid. I would think that if I didn’t spend every waking moment of my day, pinning my auctions to Pinterest and Facebook and anywhere else I can find, I would be lucky to have any at all. Had eBay featured it’s small American sellers at the top; $45 average cost x 555 sales = $24,975.00 and a healthy mouth.


On the other side of that search are the live listings. I looked at the sell through of the “top priority” dresses, all of which are based in china. The information I am writing about is visible on auctions that show “more than 10 available/4 sold”…. 4 sold in 2 months doesn’t seem very highly sought after. I mean, the blue/gold vs black/white dress that caused all of the stir a few months back wasn’t even listed on eBay and it sold out in less than 2 hours of the viral post. These Chinese dresses are given the same amount of traffic and viral views but barely any of it sells.

OK so maybe my auctions aren’t the best (link below) but I equally as hard if not harder than eBays golden high priority  Chinese sellers .  I do not have access to cheap materials and supplies but I do my homework and try to list clothing items I know people will like.  They aren’t fake, they don’t rip at the seams before laundering and they stand the test of time which is not something the Chinese manufacturers can say.  It’s unfortunate that no one see’s anything I have listed, like the Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo, Escada, Ralph Lauren, Iisli, St John and Valentino fashions I can’t give away for a loss at $29.99…  It’s not even that I can’t give them away, it’s that eBay won’t allow anyone to know they are there because am not worthy aka low priority.



The above feedback profile is that of a low priority ebay seller who is fighting lost teeth and nail for a chance to succeed.

Just one of the many dresses I couldn’t GIVE away for $9.99 on ebay…


How Does eBay assign auction numbers?

I’m not going to mince words.  American eBay sellers can literally spend hours going crazy,  wracking their brains trying to figure out how to beat the can’t see me – Cassini system.  This is what I’ve learned about the 12 number auto assigned auction numbers and I hope other eBayers will come along and add to my list and make any corrections:  We’re talking about the first 3 numbers that appear in a string of 12.

181 and 191 – You are doomed to failure.   Close your account and start over.  This auction is live and visible on the site, but it will never be visible to anyone but you.  Within the blackout theory, when you are assigned this number you are in a 24/7 blackout.  This is a number I experienced when  I got tired of not having sales on my main account.  I read on the eBay website that new eBayers get a placement boost so I created a fresh account, unfortunately, eBay must have recognized what I was doing based on my IP address and nipped it right in the bud by assigning me an auction number that started with 181.  I had a quilted Caviar Chanel bag listed for an opening bid of $49.99 and received zero page views for 7 days, not even a single bot view.

111 and 112 – Low priority.  This number is assigned to eBayers who sell less than 0.4%.   Regardless of whether or not you have changed products or made positive corrections to your business model, eBay has made the decision that either you as a seller or the items you are selling do not offer a significant contribution to the site.   You are stuck here for a long while and moving up the food chain will be a lot of work. It can be done but don’t expect any favors.  Don’t lose hope.  This is where you either collapse to the pressure and quit, get caught in a cycle of no views/no sales, or you figure out how to break out and move up the food chain.

111 and 112 are also assigned to lower priority sellers whose relists may have started with a higher number (121(2)/131(2)/171(2)) on the first go around.   Unfortunately, because the item didn’t sell, it lost priority in the relist.  Change your keywords, your photos or an item specific before you relist anything.  It may or may not help.  Sometimes the right person didn’t see the listing but they will this time.  The next 3 numbers in the sequence will be one of the determining factors.

Within the blackout theory, when you are assigned the number 111(2) you will experience rolling blackouts.  The only time you can be positive your items will appear in search is when you have first listed it, and just before it ends.

121 and 122 – Low priority.  A step up from 111(2), this number is assigned when eBay has made the decision that either you as a seller or the items you are selling do not offer a significant contribution to the site, but you have potential.   It’s the next step up from the 111(2) range.  It doesn’t matter if you have a 100% feedback or have qualified as a TRS or PS.  Your sell through rate is approximately .05% to .06% which means you have grown and still have more room to move up the food chain.  You have your work cut out for you.  It’s tough breaking out of the not visible/results in no sales cycle.  Keep pushing.

Within the blackout theory, when you are assigned this number you will continue to experience rolling blackouts.  The only time you can be certain your items will appear in search is when you have first listed it, and up to 12 hours before it ends.

131 and 132 – Low priority.   This is one of the new seller boost numbers but it’s also used for longer standing casual selling accounts as well as another step for those fighting through the 100 range.  The next 3 numbers in the sequence are the determining factors.  This number is assigned when eBay has made the decision that either you as a seller or the items you are selling do not offer a significant contribution to the site but show potential.   It doesn’t matter if you have a 100% feedback or have qualified as a TRS or PS.  Your sell through rate is approximately .06% to .07% and you have more than likely been a seller for 2+ years.

I am unsure if there are numbers 141(2) to 161(2)..  if you have knowledge, please feel free to post it and I will add it to the list.

171 and 172 – Low priority.   This number is assigned when eBay has made the decision that either you as a seller or the items you are selling do not offer a significant contribution to the site.   It doesn’t matter if you have a 100% feedback or have qualified as a TRS or PS.  Your sell through rate is approximately .06% to .07% and you have been a seller for a substantial amount of time i.e. 5 to 10 years.  This should be easy enough to make the jump into the 200 range but with eBay, no one really knows.

I am unsure of the 181 to 191 range.  If you have knowledge please feel free to post.

200 range – Reserved for established sellers of 5 or more years.  The second set of three numbers determines the outcome of your sell though.  If your 4th number starts with an 8, you are a mid to low priority seller.

In the case of 200 and 300 range sellers, the lower your 4th number, the lower priority.  Example:  2XX2 is a lower priority than 2XX9.  In either case, your sell through rate will be double to triple that of the low priority sellers who are in the 100 ranges.

300 range – Reserved for eBay starlets.  The majority of these listings are  are usually from the high volume sellers.  There’s only 4 ways to get here.  1. Devalued products for a deliberate high volume sell through,  2.  Rarity of items.  Those who are fortunate enough to have access to a product that isn’t mass produced.  3.  Right place/right time.  You had a following before the collapse and you had the business sense to pull through and even grow.  Your efforts have been rewarded.   4.  Location.  Asia seems to have the 300 range pretty locked in regardless of their sell through rate, quality of product or feedback number.

The second set of three numbers still determines the outcome of sell though but not to the extent of the 100 and 200 ranges.

400 range – Promoted listings.  This is currently in beta.  Your listings will appear spontaneously on any give place within page 1 of best match and will also appear, sadly for their competitors, as the header to a competitors store front.

There are other things I’ve learned about the Cassini search engine which many other eBay sellers also know about.  The “things” are not necessarily work arounds but more like tweaks.  Tweaking  can make the difference between being seen or unseen and being placed on page 1 or page 11.  Out of respect for those who know those tweaks, I will not post what those tweaks are.   I’m also not sure it would be in my best interest to post for the mere fact that it’s how I am able to sell anything as a 100 range seller.

Outside of Cassini’s manipulated search criteria, there’s other factors that come into play; time of day, day of week, week of month, month of year – all of which are pretty much common sense to anyone who pays attention to their sales and what their competitors are doing.



For the record:  I am in the 121 range.  I look forward to learning about the higher priorities as I learn how to get out of the no visibility/no sales cycle.

* Change log June 2016: Auction number(s) assignment update. 111 has rolled over to 112. Update is noted as 111(2) to show 111 or 112. 121 has rolled over to 122 and is noted as 121(2). 131 has rolled over to 132 and is noted as 131(2). 171 has rolled over to 172 and is noted as 171(2).

The number roll overs are a natural progression of listings being added to the site.