J. David Forsyth – West Palm Beach, Florida

Here’s what I don’t understand about Autism Spectrum Disorder, formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome, as criminal behavior relates to the law.  If a perfectly functioning adult whose only flaw is he doesn’t quite “get” common body language and facial expressions or perhaps takes left of hand phrases literally, why should he not to be legally held accountable for criminal behavior?  Why is the plead of “Autism” a justifiable excuse?

Here is an adult male in his 40’s who has a history of criminal behavior ranging from physically abusing the women in his life aka will not hesitate to punch her when things don’t go his way to stalking, harassment, and even theft.   These behaviors have been excused as an autistic “meltdown” but science has proven that an actual autistic meltdown is an internal event that by 40 years of age is easily controlled by modified behavior teachings and coping skills?

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Joseph David Forsyth: J. David Forsyth

Malicious Stalking – Guilty
Harassment – Guilty
Libel – Guilty
Slander – Guilty
Grand Larceny – Guilty
Solicitation of Prostitution – Guilty
Assault: Guilty

Joseph David Forsyth claims he has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome which may explain why he is talented with numbers, however, along with the talent comes a battery of reckless, and very dangerous behaviors. Hide your wife, hide your daughters, your nieces, and your female friends and head for the hills. If he fixates on her, he will turn her into his, “special project” and the outcome will be devastating.

Joseph David Forsyth, previously of 4400 Portofino Way, West Palm Beach is rationally able to explain that his autism is responsible for his bad behavior but has great difficulty claiming responsibility for the consequences of his actions. We all know that autism is not a behavior. Behavior is controlled by the individual.

The following behaviors are NOT meltdowns:

Witnesses have stated that Joseph David Forsyth has engaged in the divulging of private trade information and insider secrets of businesses to known business competitors: Where anchor products are obtained, the contact information of the product providers, marketing and trade secrets. His victim: A small business owner who is an attractive young female neighbor; engaged to be married, unsuspecting, unknowing.

Stalking:  Obtaining nude/topless photos of his victim and distributing them over the internet.

Harassment:  Creating eBay auctions featuring several gruesome photos of a Barbie doll with a noose around her neck with attached story featuring death by hanging in what he termed, “forced suicide by the power of suggestion”.

Harrassment:  Making multiple purchases from his victims’ eBay store for the purpose of “feedback bombing”, and to destroy his victims business reputation.

Theft:  A total of 18 items were stolen from his victim via multiple purchases using loopholes in the ebay return policy which will not be detailed here for the purpose of not disclosing to the public on how to perpetrate this crime.

Grand Larceny: $4,000.00 worth of product as well as the cash monies was stolen by J. David Forsyth for a total of $8000.00 on top of what had already been stolen. David Forsyth readily confesses his crime to anyone who questions him. He considers his crime to be something his victim deserves as a part of his own personal justice system.

Is this autism? Are these behaviors meltdowns and symptoms of a social dysfunction?

Making contact with and execution of disruptive behavior via internet social media sites and messaging systems with anonymous I.D.’s is extremely destructive.  These are behaviors that leave it’s victim with long term scars and diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression on top of the financial and criminal long term fall outs.

Security offices at ebay and “customer service reps of ripoffreport.com” have provided documentation to Mr. Forsyths victim that shows an IP address belonging to individual or business Comcast subscriber located in the 400 block of East Okeechobee Boulevard, Palm Beach, Florida, which is where J. David Forsyth and partner Larry Aft have an established financial based business.

David Forsyth stated, I did it because  “she deserved it” and “she should have been nicer to me” even though he also admits that they were never formally introduced, did not have an acquaintanceship, friendship or any other relationship.  His victim never knew him.

Mr. Forsyth admits to all of the above and offers no apology or remorse. While admitting what he’d done is wrong and it should not have happened, he also states, “I’ve got one more thing up my sleeve”.   Mr.  Forsyth in a crazed state of mind has offered his victim, who is now struggling severely due to his actions,  a place in his home where he can, “take care of her so she won’t have to worry about having a place to live”.    The offer was immediately declined which segwayed the topic into a new and even more manic discussion…

Mr. J. David Forsyth takes pleasure in boasting of his less than wholesome activities, spending more money “than I probably should have” on prostitutes, and the use of illegal drugs because he is lonely.   He states his house is quiet at night so rather than to pay prostitutes for companionship, he thinks, with a very deluded state of thinking, his victim should move in to fill that role.  Mr. Forsyth is quick to turn the conversation away from his criminal behaviors to inappropriately discuss his private sexual needs i.e.  having his diabetic pump removed so that he can have sex with  “a gold digging slut who he knows wont accept him for who he is”… avoidance of the true issues at it’s finest.

This is not Autism. This is not a series of Autistic meltdowns. This is a series of criminal and diabolical behaviors. I’m astonished that friends, family and the law would accept a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder with a secondary diagnosis of Manic Paranoid Schizophrenia as a reasonable or responsible pardon from prosecution.

As a former autism counselor I can say with 100% clarity that this is an injustice to not only the victims but also to the perpetrator who, regardless of his level of function or dysfunction, is repeatedly failed to be taught to take responsibility for his negative actions.

At what point does a person become dangerous enough and when does an established history of criminal behaviors start to be considered criminal when perpetrated by a person with ASD? Did the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings by Adam Lanza teach us nothing about the dangers of certain ASD patients?

At what point does a criminal with Asperger’s Syndrome be held accountable and be forced to make restitution, take responsibility and pay the price of his destructive behavior be it by jail time or civilly?


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