Activism & Social Media/ Election 2016

As someone who is preparing to expatriate, I can no longer tolerate the atrocities politicians have committed against not just it’s own citizens but people all over the world. All but a small handful are suffering at the hands of one single fraternity called THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, Inc., and it’s obsolete, “ask not what your country can do for you..” mental conditioning that plagues our citizens 50 years beyond it’s relevance.

When the fuck will the majority get off their lazy asses and rise above this and bring it all down?  I mean, seriously, what the hell is wrong with our youth in that they actually believe social media is going to help create change?  I’m sorry but a meme is not powerful.

To those who believe a meme is powerful, ask yourself, what inconvenience does a meme cause to our political offenders?  What noise does a meme make to our political offenders ears?  What senses does a meme touch in the eyes, ears, nose and skin of our corrupt politicians?

Ask yourself, what’s more powerful? A picture? or standing in front of the White House in bright colors, holding a sign or a banner, screaming your pain across the white house lawn and beating on a drum, one angry fist pound per every wrong this country has committed against every single citizen in the world?

I’m not against social media “activism” I’m against it’s laziness, it’s lack of voice, it’s lack of masses and it’s lack of inconvenience to our oppressors.  It’s powerless.

THIS is power….  stand before your corrupt government and make some real noise!

Don’t call yourself an activist until you actually become active!

Stop being afraid to admit you are poor as if you should be shrouded in negativity and insults for being a human being trying to survive in a world that’s been manipulated by this fraternity called THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, Inc.   More than 90% of the world is poor.  More than 50% of Americans are poor and our unemployment rates are much higher than what the government wants the world to believe.  I live in the beach area in South Florida.  Some may think that because we live in a prettier part of town, we must be living in luxury but the truth is, over 45% of my neighborhood is unemployed and using sites and aps like ebay, letgo, craiglist and are having garage sales to float by month to month.  Being poor, under employed or unemployed should not be used as an insult.  It’s not our faults.  Its a fact of life in 2016 due to greedy politicians and their financial hoarding policies.

Don’t be afraid to apply for food stamps, welfare or medicare/medicaid or to admit it.  Our government pays the Chinese government over $85 billion per year to help Chinese citizens find employment, create employment and ship their cheap goods to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc, all the while, the job markets in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc are pretty close to nonexistent.  If UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc spent $85 billion per year on it’s own citizens, we would have jobs, food, stable financial status and less mental health issues.  Being poor, under employed or unemployed should not be used as an insult.  Its a fact of life in 2016.  Need help, receiving a hand up or a hand out should not be used as an insult.  It’s a way of life for the majority in 2016.

The longer we continue to use social media as a means of protest and fail to make politicians uncomfortable, the longer and worse our suffering will be.

Election 2016:  Trump will not save you.  He preaches hate.  Clinton will not save you.  She’s part of the administration that put you in the poor house to begin with!  Your vote doesn’t count anyway, the electoral college is bought and paid for, popular vote means nothing.  Ask Al Gore.  Then start asking what your country can do for you and not what you can do for it.  Those days are OVER!


A meme is only a powerful statement in the world of art.  Not politics.


4 thoughts on “Activism & Social Media/ Election 2016

  1. Memes lead to votes when people rarely vote. You expect a miracle to get people travel hundreds of miles to shout while people like me ignore protestors BECAUSE they shout.

  2. I appreciate your point of view but respectfully disagree with it for the fact that your vote is not counted. My vote is never counted. No one’s vote is counted unless you are in the “electoral college” which was created because politicians believe we are too stupid to know how to vote. Review the Al Gore election results.

    As for money to travel, how you think they got along in the 60s with no money? Your generation is one of the most lazy, self entitled, excuse making generations to date.

    Meme’s don’t lead to votes. Meme’s provide “likes” and nothing more.

  3. I don’t know everyone in my generation, but those I am affiliated with are extremely hardworking, not at all entitled (unless it comes to expecting things like a livable wage and decent affordable health care), and rarely make excuses for anyone (especially for bigots who think they’d be a GREAT President because they’ll make Mexico pay for a wall). This would be unlike my grandmother who loves her fabulous military covered health insurance while opposing Obamacare, and numerous aunts who adore Trump because…I don’t even pretend to understand. None of the latter being the protesting in DC type, that you’re so proud of your (their) generation for breeding. And I think that you won’t find many of the working class poor in your 1960’s protesting group, but instead will find disenchanted youth fresh out of college (i.e having come from some bit of money), but without a job with its obligations.

    I for one can only laugh myself to tears as those supporting Trump finally get the 8th grade civics lesson that explained that THE PARTY MAKES THE RULES! I can only hope that the Facebook memes I like so much may help educate your generation of people I’m related to who seem so smart and yet are supporting an asshole for President.

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