Balmain F/W 2016

Balmain F/W 2016

My daughter, a teenager, is in the habit of changing outfits in the mirror several times before she leaves for the day. Nothing makes it back into the closet, it’s in piles strewn all over her unmade bed.

I’m not sure how many women wake up in the morning and decide they’d like to dress like their daughters mussy bed, but it appears Balmain believes there must be at least one mussy Mom out there!

Balmain apparently also believes the average woman wants to look like tacky furniture and tacky furniture dressings.

I am not a fan of curtain fringe, tacky lampshades and pre-teen decor but where there is a tacky woman, she has a tacky designer.

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…but out from the tacky darkness floats in, like angels descending from the heavens, this pastel pink flowing hourglass jacket to bring redemption to Balmain’s frightening fall – winter runway show.

As a middle age woman, who is quite possibly the only woman who can afford Balmain’s prices,  I could see myself wearing this lovely jacket.

If it were a gift :)