What is ebays relationship to China?

If someone could please explain to me eBays love affair with china, I would appreciate it.  I need to know why I won’t be able to eat this week and can’t afford to buy the things most people take for granted like Shampoo.

Today I searched for the keyword, “dress” in the SOLD (not to be confused with completed) auctions section. After browsing 14 pages of 194 results per page, I did not see any sold dresses from sellers whose origin is China. Ebay customer service has explained to me on several occasions that the best match algorithm is designed to feature highly sought after items and since Chinese manufacturers offer the lowest prices and free shipping on the back of the USPS and American tax payers, their items appear as top priority.

This leaves me to wonder, with my limited knowledge of current events, is the United States government paying Chinese debt on the backs of unemployed, under employed, the needingly self employed Americans which are also the same home based micro eBay businesses we are involved with?

I have a hard time accepting this. Of the many reasons, one of my biggest reason is my loss of dental care. When I was in high school a dentist gave me a silver filling. Under the new filling, 20 some odd years after, it was discovered that the dentist did not remove the entire cavity before covering it with the silver filling. It was discovered when one morning I awoke to a jaw I wanted to rip off my face because the pain was so intense that I was ready to maul myself to end it.   It was impossible for me to know anything was present before my need to rip my jaw off my face because I had always taken great care of myself, had dental insurance and even though I had annual visits to the dentist, the decay was covered by a filling and went undetected for years.   What I suffered from is called, “trench mouth”. You can’t ever get rid of it.  Ever.  You have to continue antibiotic therapy and dental care on a monthly basis, which I did for years and successfully evaded any further issue, that is until I lost my health and dental insurance in the bottom of May 2009and I have not received dental care since.   I now have 4+ and 5+ gum recede as well as full on dental caries.   I am in my 40s and am losing all of my teeth because I can not afford dental care.

I am an ebay seller in the ranges of 111 and 121 and stand very little chance at earning enough to eat let alone visit a dentist. Chinese manufacturers who have full time visibility 24/7 at a range of 300 are grossing 89.9 billion dollars per year, and here I am, an American born citizen…..  le sigh

I believe that money is going to the Chinese government and not any Chinese home based micro seller who depends on every possible resource to get by like the American sellers who are not just fighting a case of just dental blues but we’re fighting for our lives and our very survival.

Many of us are college educated with 1, 2 and even 3 degree’s but because of reasons we did not deserve and was out of our control, we were out of  work too long.  We became a part of the permanently unemployed population and instead of going on welfare we decided to FIGHT.

Being a part of the permanently unemployed population makes one realize their true place in this world. It makes you realize how low priority and nonessential your life really is, just like our auctions.

I wish I had family (I am a sole survivor) to fall back on in times like this. It’s rather unfortunate.

Why is this seller [screen shot below] and the thousands of sellers from China just like this one [screen shot below] owning so much more priority over Americans?  Why does eBay, Google, Amazon and Yahoo think they are so much more important than we are?  It’s not even sell through and money talking right here. $2 dresses x 555 sales = $1110.00 for the month.

I sold 20 items this month for a total of $900.00 – not enough to get the bills paid but enough of a carrot to dangle before my hopes are dashed completely.  Good luck getting the bills paid. I would think that if I didn’t spend every waking moment of my day, pinning my auctions to Pinterest and Facebook and anywhere else I can find, I would be lucky to have any at all. Had eBay featured it’s small American sellers at the top; $45 average cost x 555 sales = $24,975.00 and a healthy mouth.


On the other side of that search are the live listings. I looked at the sell through of the “top priority” dresses, all of which are based in china. The information I am writing about is visible on auctions that show “more than 10 available/4 sold”…. 4 sold in 2 months doesn’t seem very highly sought after. I mean, the blue/gold vs black/white dress that caused all of the stir a few months back wasn’t even listed on eBay and it sold out in less than 2 hours of the viral post. These Chinese dresses are given the same amount of traffic and viral views but barely any of it sells.

OK so maybe my auctions aren’t the best (link below) but I equally as hard if not harder than eBays golden high priority  Chinese sellers .  I do not have access to cheap materials and supplies but I do my homework and try to list clothing items I know people will like.  They aren’t fake, they don’t rip at the seams before laundering and they stand the test of time which is not something the Chinese manufacturers can say.  It’s unfortunate that no one see’s anything I have listed, like the Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo, Escada, Ralph Lauren, Iisli, St John and Valentino fashions I can’t give away for a loss at $29.99…  It’s not even that I can’t give them away, it’s that eBay won’t allow anyone to know they are there because am not worthy aka low priority.



The above feedback profile is that of a low priority ebay seller who is fighting lost teeth and nail for a chance to succeed.

Just one of the many dresses I couldn’t GIVE away for $9.99 on ebay…



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